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Cenon Astro - Cenon Astrology - the next step
Ammerbuch, 2006-06-18
  Cenon Astrology is now released in version 1.10, offering many new features and improvements.

Cenon Astro is a quality Astrology application build upon our graphics application Cenon. This gives Cenon Astro some very special strengths: All Chart Masks plus all calculated charts are fully editable, giving the user unprecedented flexibility and freedom.

The new version offers many improvements and some new possibilities. Among other details, we added Aspect Lines as well as an Astro Clock. The Preferences have been reworked completely. All Search functions and the Map display are faster and more accurate.

www.Cenon.info/astro - the home of Cenon Astro

What is new in version 1.10 (Free Version) ?

  • New: Astro Clock
  • New: Aspect Lines can be displayed
  • Aspect Search is faster and more accurate
  • Topocentric Aspect Search is now possible
  • US date format added "03 Apr 2006"
  • Asteroids work now
  • many little improvements
  • documentation extended

With version 1.10 our Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro is released for the first time. The Fractal Edition offers a unique set of features.

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