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Cenon Astrology - out of the starting blocksAltingen, 2005-01-16
  The Astrology module for Cenon finally has closed it's beta test phase and is now available in version 1.00. For many users of the beta version only a little step, but the proper time to post the news.

Cenon Astrology is a free Astrology module for Cenon which turns Cenon into a nice Astrology software. The module uses the precise NASA ephemeris based on the Swiss Ephemeris. Cenon Astro has quite something to offer to it's user.

Beside the usual features of Astrology tools some new ideas were implemented. A topocentric degree scale for the house system, or a accumulating aspect search are examples.

The source codes of Cenon Astro are available for free, and allow compilation on platforms like Linux, Apple, OpenStep, Sun and many more. vhf interservice offers ready installable packages for a selection of common plattforms.

www.Cenon.info/astro - the home of Cenon Astro

Some Key Features:

  • Event charts and birth charts
  • Comparison charts
  • Astrologic geographic maps
  • Display of planetary nodes
  • Accumulating Aspect Search
  • Topozentric degree scale
  • Aspect table with ecliptical mirrors
  • Customizable chart masks and maps
  • Comfortable event management
  • City database with currently 25.000 cities world wide
  • Platforms: Apple Mac-OS X, Linux (GNUstep), OpenStep, ...

The shop of vhf interservice offers the "hardware" - a slipcase and books for Cenon Astrology. This gives Cenon Astrology the appropriate representation on the desk.

The history of the Astrology module

Cenon Astrology has been developed since the end of 1998 as a separate branch of Cenon for private use.
2003 this development branch was reintegrated into Cenon as a module to make the beautiful work available for others.

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