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Cenon becomes Free Software
Altingen, 2003-01-30

The well known Design- and Production software Cenon is heading towards a new era - Free Software.

Cenon is now taking the final turn after extensive enhancements and modifications during the last two years. Thousands of hours of development are now close to the quantum leap. Before long, Cenon will welcome a new audience in the field of DTP and is looking forward to make many new friends.

Cenon - the dragon - becomes Free Software.

Cenon is a modular program and allows for expansion of the basic program, using so called Plug-Ins.
The source code of Cenon will be available for free, and can be compiled on many platforms, like Linux, Apple, Sun, and most other Unixes running GNUstep.
vhf interservice will provide binary packages for some of the major architectures.

vhf has decided to make Cenon free software, taking the chances opening up in this growing segment of computing. Instead of gagging the user, we want to win the confidence of the user and share our enthusiasm for this work.
It's up to the user to decide, if he wants to support the product with money, for example by buying the beautiful slipcase and printed hand book. If you don't buy the hard stuff, Cenon will still be happy for every thrilled user.

Cenon will still be available as commercial version for production - the modular program makes it possible. You can get the CAM-Version of Cenon from vhf camfacture.

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  • Cenon.biz, Cenon, the production software

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